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Specialist coatings and linings for the protection of industrial equipment against corrosion, wear and erosion.

Leading Specialists In Corrosion Protection

Specially formulated products to cover a complete array of conditions


ARMACOAT PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITED,  is a formulator and manufacturer of highly specialized coatings & linings for the protection of a wide range of substrates in both onshore and offshore industries.

The ARMACOAT range comprises of specially formulated products to cover a complete array of conditions & challenges varying from mild to extremely aggressive across a wide temperature range. These coatings and allied products find wide applications in refinery, power plant, chemical and petrochemicals, cross country pipelines, storage tanks, offshore platforms, and FPSO to name a few.

The ARMACOAT product range includes glass flake modified polyester and vinyl ester coatings, range of glass flake based solvent free epoxy coatings, epoxy based high temperature resistant coatings, solvent free lining and Liquid coating Products.

ARMACOAT Products are designed to provide a much higher service life in highly corrosive conditions as compared to many conventional coating systems in the market.

Armacoat Specialist Coatings and Linings