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Specialist coatings and linings for the protection of industrial equipment against corrosion, wear and erosion.

Leading Specialists In Corrosion Protection

Specially formulated products to cover a complete array of conditions

About Us


Armacoat Products Private Limited was started in 2008 by Mr. Meherwan. R. Daruvala with the intention of controlling menace of corrosion in India. He has a wide range of experience in marketing, positioning and distribution of highly specialized coating systems & coil coatings for several industries in India. He is also India's five times National Squash Champion and has received the Arjuna Award from the President of India in the year 1990 for his outstanding contribution in sports.

Armacoat Products Private Limited, specializes in design , development and manufacture of a range of highly specialized & high performance coating systems to protect various substrates at both onshore & offshore from extreme form of corrosion. Most of the products are designed to offer a much higher service life in the most demanding conditions but without the need for abrasive blasting or hydro blasting.

Dr. Michael J. Ball, is presently an advisor and formulator to Armacoat Products Private Limited, has also served SHELL company Chemical division for seventeen years, in the capacity of group technical manager and Senior Marketing manager South Africa.

Dr. Michael J. Ball also spent 16 years with Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd. UK as Group Technical Manager has handled design & development, formulation of several high performance epoxy, polyester, Vinyl ester and other Liquid coating products. Many of the product designed by Dr. Ball have been extremely successful and were approved by a large number of offshore, onshore and pipeline industries across the globe.

Dr. Michael J. Ball has also done technical service work on buried pipeline coatings for British Gas UK. and was also on the London branch committee of the Institute of Corrosion.

The Armacoat range of corrosion resistant linings can be tailored to suit specific chemical environments through the selection of the most suitable base resin from a range of thermosetting resins and combining them with various types of fillers and reinforcements to produce erosion resistant linings capable of resisting a wide range of chemical environments for both concrete and steel substrates.